Tutorial del Social Fixer (REVISIÓN)

Pues sí, he publicado hace unos meses un tutorial mío, sobre el Social Fixer.

Pues ahora vamos a hacer una revisión del mismo, que os hará un poco de delicia del propio programa y el modo en el que hacéis con él.

De todos los apartados que voy a enumerar, para que unos cuantos puedan utilizarlo y domesticarlo a gusto de todos y poder tener los posts sin ningún tipo de problemas.

Vamos por partes de los que voy a mencionar:


  • Disable the "Lightbox" (aka "Theater") photo viewer popup
  • Change font size to px for posts and px for comments
  • Fix "Enter" key behavior to be a newline when adding comments, rather than submit
  • Lock the blue header bar at the top even if the screen is small
  • Force the news feed to switch to "Recent Stories First" if available. (Show message when switched)
  • Add "Reply" links to comments and float the reply box up to the comment. Tag users when replying to them.
  • Auto-click "Older Posts" times to get more posts
  • Automatically expand "SHOW X SIMILAR POSTS" links


  • Add quick links to left navigation: All Connections Write A Note Pages I Admin Unblock Applications
  • Hide : Groups ( Create Group) Lists Pages Apps Friends on Chat My name and picture
  • Auto-expand left panel sections: Messages Events Photos Apps Friends All friend groups
  • Add Quick-Link Boxes: "My Pages" "My Events" "My Groups" "My Apps"
  • Display the "Control Panel" at the top and Float it down the page as you scroll
  • Show Post Action Icons on each post.
  • Scroll the ticker down with the page rather than keeping it static
  • Unlock the right column so it scrolls with the page
  • Friend Tracker (Unfriend Notifier) Refresh every hour(s)


  • Show Post Action Icons on each post.
  • Post Action Icons: Hide until hover / Opacity= / Zoom=%
  • Show: Post Info Google It Add App Mark Unread Mute Mark Read
  • Fix timestamps to show actual date/time ("one hour ago" becomes "12:34am (one hour ago)")
  • Fix the missing cursor problem in comment boxes
  • Fix the line wrap problem in comments as you type past the end of line
  • Disable Facebook's auto-loading of more posts as you scroll down
  • When clicking a link in an application post, open in a new browser tab/window and automatically mark the story as read
  • Put expanded "similar" posts in proper chronological order after expanding
  • Process posts on Profiles and Pages, add control panel, and allow Mark As Read
    (But don't hide read posts on pages/profiles)
  • Process posts on Group Walls, add control panel, and allow Mark As Read
  • Hide old (read) comments when new comments are found on a post
  • Map Ctrl+z to "undo"


  • Add a "remove all activity" link to RECENT ACTIVITY blocks
  • Auto-Remove Types: Wall posts Status comments Photo comments Link comments "Liking" a Page Adding a friend Relationship changes Others
  • Show message for seconds when successful ( Erase removed items rather than cross them out)
  • Show previews when hovering over notification list items
  • Show post count in tabs


No marcar nada.


Tal como están, no se toca nada.


Tal como está.


  • Enable Filters
  • Filter posts on pages and profiles


  • "Older Posts" selector:
  • Notification preview Image max-width: max-height:
  • Show "Refresh the page" alert after saving Options
  • Clean out data for individual posts after days (per post) to save space in preferences
  • Show changes after installing a new version
  • Check for updates to Social Fixer every hours
  • Check for important Social Fixer messages every minutes
  • Show the Help message for new posts on the Social Fixer Page
  • Allow posts by Social Fixer to retain html formatting
  • Pause for ms between clicks when expanding "Similar Posts" links
  • Wait for seconds before showing thumbnail previews on hover
  • When Notifications are pinned to the right side, force it to be wide (ex:200px)
  • Floating control panel opacity: / Manual offset: px
  • Fix navigation on the upper left logo and "News Feed" links to go to
  • Enable collapse/expand of boxes in right panel by clicking their headers
  • My Pages: Open in a new window | px high in position
  • My Events Open in a new window | px high in position
  • My Groups: Open in a new window | px high in position
  • My Apps: Open in a new window | px high in position
  • Show the Learn More note when Friend Tracker finds an unfriend
  • Show unfriends in Friend Tracker for days
  • Show control panel buttons: Mark All Read Toggle Hidden Posts Mute All Reload Status Undo
  • When Replying to messages, fix tabbing so Tab->Enter will Reply

Esto es todo...si necesitáis alguna información al respecto, en la web de Social Fixer tienen más y todo eso para lo que se haga falta.

Hasta ahora, no tengo ningún problema, ni ninguna queja por mi parte. ;-)

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Habrá más, no os preocupéis...que tengo muuuuuuuuuuuuuucho material.. ;-))))